Liberation of the Wild Bergamot

Removal of large honeysuckle bushes (Lonicera spp.) often clears the way for a bazillion tiny honeysuckle bushes, but there can also be native plants patiently waiting for more sunlight. This is what we found growing (this year) where we removed several sprawling honeysuckle  (last year) …

Wild Bergamot

Wild bergamot and other native plants, overshadowed by honeysuckle, were still clinging to life.

These vigorous wild bergamot plants (Monarda fistulosa) are hopefully an indication of what lies ahead if we expand our project and dive into the tangled mess of honeysuckle, other woody plants, and crown vetch (Coronilla varia) growing west of the house. We’ve been nibbling at it, but would like to step up our efforts before it is too late for other native plants growing there .

(Removal of other honeysuckle did not provide such uplifting results.)


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